Still lifes in collaboration with Alessa Joosten.
Photographs of unique handmade pieces made out of natural materials from Andalusia, Spain.ROYA

Traditionally, negatives serve as the foundation for producing prints,
capturing the essence of a scene.
Yet, for me, negatives become an extension of their creative expression.
The decision to modify these negatives is a deliberate act, one that breaks away from the conventional, paving the way for experimentation and innovation.

A beauty story with:

_photography / art direction Lukas Wenninger  
_styling Katharina Willim    
_make-up artist Lee Hyangsoon    
_hair artist Rabea Roehll    
_photo assistant Emi Iguchi

_talents Sooyoung (neu casting), Vivian (girlsclubmgmt),
              Hanna (girlsclubmgmt), Ibukun (mirrrs models)
from sweet to pepper

A story with:

_photography / art direction Lukas Wenninger  
_styling Xuan      
_make-up artist Nil Stranzinger     
_hair artist (Meyron) Aza 

_talents Meyron (without agency)Meyron/Nomin, Nomin (mirrrs models)

from top to bottom:
05.16. – 05.21.2023
05.13. – 05.14.2023
05.26. – 05.29.2023
06.01. – 06.21.2023
11.09. – 11.13.2023
12.16. – 12.16.2023
01.01. – 02.19.2024

_photography / art direction Lukas Wenninger
_styling Silke Holzschuher
_starring Iadira (Kult Models), Zoé (Viva Models), Ian (Hore Models), Edilson
_hair Sutida Vestewig
_make up Maria Ehrlich
_photographer assistant Christian Ghodes, Michael Sapong 
_styling assistant Guadi Sandoval
“how much distance between sun and moon?”